Typical Railroad Bridge Deck Waterproofing

Surface Preparation

Surface preparation methods are performed in accordance with SSPC standards. Concrete surfaces are prepared in accordance with SSPC-SP13/NACE No. 6, and steel surfaces are prepared in accordance with SSPC-SP10. Shot blasting and abrasive blasting are standard preparation methods.

Primer Application

Bridge Preservation LLC manufactures specially formulated primer systems for both concrete and metal substrates.

Membrane Application

Bridge Preservation™ Bridge Deck Membrane is applied through specialized spray equipment, and is typically applied to a thickness of 80 mils.

Sloped Ballast Mat & Integrated Ballast Mat

Bridge Preservation LLC manufactures an easy to install spray applied protection mat that also offers additional waterproofing protection, enhanced dielectric properties, and slope for drainage on flat decks.

Ballast Loading

When membrane protection is not required, ballast may be placed directly on Bridge Deck Membrane™ one (1) hour after installation.

Ballast Loading

Ballast may be placed on Sloped Ballast Mat™ or Integrated Ballast Mat™ one (1) hour after installation.