Typical Highway Bridge Deck Waterproofing

Surface Preparation

Surface preparation methods are performed in accordance with SSPC-SP10/NACE No. 6 standards. Shot blasting, abrasive blasting, or surface milling are standard preparation methods.

Primer Application

Bridge Preservation™ primer is applied to the prepared deck. The primer is water thin and can be applied by pump or hand-mixed and spread by squeegee.

Base Membrane

Bridge Preservation™ Bridge Deck Membrane is applied through specialized spray equipment, and is typically applied to a thickness of 80 mils.

Aggregate Top Coat

To maximize adhesion between the waterproofing membrane and asphalt overlay, BD Top Coat™ is applied with an aggregate broadcast. The Aggregate Top Coat can also accept vehicular traffic for short periods of time.

Sweeping Aggregate

Aggregate is broadcast into the wet membrane until refusal. After initial set of the membrane, excess aggregate is swept and removed from the bridge deck surface.

Tack Coat

Application of a tack coat is used to ensure maximum adhesion between the waterproofing membrane and asphalt wearing course.

Asphalt Placement

A minimum one (1) hour cure time of the membrane is required before installation of the asphalt wearing course.