Quality Assurance


The success of any bridge deck waterproofing project depends in large part to the assurance that each construction component of the project is adhered to. Surface preparation, environmental conditions and product placement are key components. Bridge Preservation LLC insures that each project is installed correctly with onsite factory inspection, and a network of specialty contractors. All project conditions are monitored and recorded providing a record of each project from start to finish.

ISO 9001

Bridge Preservation LLC has a Quality Management System that is certified to meet the standard of ISO 9001.  This certification indicates our commitment to consistently provide quality products in the marketplace.  Bridge Preservation utilizes a systematic monitoring and evaluating process of raw materials to ensure that each batch of product meets the required guidelines established.


As part of our commitment to provide the highest quality waterproofing products on the market, each batch of material we manufacture undergoes Infrared (IR) spectroscopy scans to ensure that the product you purchase and receive is the product you’ve ordered.  These documents are provided with each shipment of material that leaves our facility.

Manufacturing a quality material consistently is only the first part of a successful waterproofing installation.  As part of a complete on-site inspection by the Bridge Preservation technical staff, sprayed and cured samples of material are collected from every job site and sent back to our laboratory for further conformal testing.  The physical properties are tested and compared to expected standards.  This information is compiled into a physical properties report that is available upon request.  You can be assured that you’re receiving the best quality product on the market, beginning with formulation and ending with the final installed product.


There are no rubber stamps here.  Bridge Preservation carefully selects the most qualified applicators to install our products.

Introductory Training

Before a potential applicator can become approved, he or she must attend the Bridge Preservation Approved Applicator Training Course.  This week-long course covers all of the Bridge Preservation™ products, personal and on-site safety, application procedures, and hands on equipment training.  At the end of the course, each applicator must receive a passing grade on our written exam to become approved.

Continuing Education and Yearly Re-Approval

Not only does Bridge Preservation require each applicator attend the introductory training course, Bridge Preservation also requires that each applicator attend our yearly continuing education course.  This course covers new products and technologies, application best practices, new application techniques and strategies, and any new safety information gathered throughout the previous year.  If any new employees were added the previous year, they are required to receive the proper training in order to be approved.

Throughout the year, the Bridge Preservation on-site technical staff routinely inspect the applicator’s equipment to ensure proper upkeep and adequate replacement parts.  Failure to maintain equipment, lack of replacement parts, or other performance issues are noted and become part of each applicator’s yearly evaluation.  Applicators who routinely fail to adhere to Bridge Preservation’s standards do not receive re-approval.

Instructor Qualifications

It’s easy for a company to claim that they have a qualified spray-applied waterproofing instructor.  It’s a lot harder to find another company with an instructor who has the same knowledge and qualifications as ours.  Our instructor is recognized worldwide for his work developing spray-applied waterproofing systems, application techniques, and knowledge pertaining to the technology.  His qualifications include, but are not limited to:

  • SSPC Coatings Education Award, Plural Component School Certified Instructor, 2013
  • JPCL: Journal of Protective Coatings & Linings Clive Hare Honor Top Thinker Award, 2011 – 2012, by SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings.
  • SSPC WS-5, Coating Failure Analysis
  • SSPC C-1 Fundamentals of Protective Coatings for Industrial Structures, certification
  • SSPC C-2 Specifying and Managing Protective Coating Projects, certification
  • SSPC PCS #309-568-0456, Certification, Protective Coatings Specialist
  • SSPC-CCI #25054, Certification, Concrete Coating Inspector
  • NACE Successful Coatings & Lining of Concrete
  • ICRI Innovative Repair Methods & Materials: for Concrete & Masonry
  • OSHA 1910:120(g) and 1910:1450 Emergency Response Training
  • OSHA Confined Space Trained
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry
  • Master of Science Degree in Chemistry / Organic


On-site inspectors from Bridge Preservation oversee the entire application process, from surface preparation to completed installation.  Each day, we record key information and enter it into our state-of-the-art tracking system:

  • Surface Preparation
  • Environmental Conditions
  • Product Information
  • Product Placement
  • Photos and Video of the Entire Installation Process

These logs become part of the project’s permanent record and can be made available upon request.